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MIOP: Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings for MIOP 501

Week 1

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - Website for SIOP providing information and resources about the science and the career.

Value Proposition

Mission and Vision statement

Competitive Advantage

Organizational Strategy

Competitive Environment

Human Capital Management

Competitive Advantage

Week 4

HC Metrics

Workforce Analysis


Week 6




  • Department 12A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of IO psych.
  • SIOP conversation series - Get to know the minds shaping the way we think about work. Join us virtually as thought leaders in academia and industry participate in an “Ask Me Anything” .
  • The GIGThe GIG is a place for IO psychology students, practitioners, faculty, and curious bystanders. Join us to talk about ideas that matter to the IO community! No idea is too big or too small.