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Disaster Manual: Priority Recovery Checklist

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Priority Recovery Checklist



1st Priority:

  • Valuable/Permanent papers
  • Irreplaceable items:  Rare books, etc.
  • Artwork
  • Cannot get wet:  pre-1950 photographs, clay-coated paper
  • Objects, etc.

2nd Priority

  • Expensive to replace/repair:  Rare books/manuscripts
  • Essential to functions of institution, library or information center
  • Core collection
  • Masters of microfilm (should be stored off-site)

3rd Priority

  • Supplements of the core collection
  • Heavily requested items
  • Government documents
  • Indexes, major reference tools, CD-ROM indexes

4th Priority

  • Standing orders/annual replacements and updates
  • Nice to have but not essential to mission of institution items
  • Duplicate microfilm/microfiche – otherwise replace
  • Items duplicated by microfilm/microfiche:  Periodicals, government documents

5th Priority

  • Disposable items
  • Items replaceable with other formats

Other Important Items

  • Computer files (should be backed up daily, at least)
  • Rolodex/contacts and colleagues’ addresses
  • List of vendors and suppliers
  • Inventory (should be stored off-site with copies on diskette)
  • Artwork inventory (should be stored off-site, plus pictures, if possible, to prove origin)