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Disaster Manual: Inclement Weather Closing Policy

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Inclement Weather Closing Policy

Inclement Weather Closing Policy

Bellevue University will maintain normally scheduled operations at all time except under the following circumstances:

  • Severe weather conditions that threaten the safety of employees
  • Power outages that make it impossible to continue normal business
  • Other natural disasters or emergencies (such as showstorms, tornadoes, or bomb threats)
  • In all such cases, management may determine if the situation is serious enough to warrant temporarily closing or relocating the work site. Normally scheduled operations may be suspended until an alternate work program is established.

Decision Process

Main Campus/Lozier

The President or her/his designee will determine if the University offices, classes, and operations in the Bellevue and Omaha area will be closed or remain open. Lozier will follow the lead of the Bellevue campus. If the Bellevue campus closes, they will close. Normally an announcement will be sent out before 6:00 A.M. for day closings and by 3:30 P.M. for evening closings.

However, if a situation is potentially violent or life threatening (such as a bomb threat or civil unrest), site management should take immediate action, then notify senior management at the first possible opportunity.

Announcement of Closing

Campus closings should be relayed to the Bellevue University employees and students through
the University’s website. The University’s website is:

Should the University’s Administration decide to close early during regular business hours, an all-campus email
will be sent out.It is the responsibility of management to relay the appropriate work site or alternate work site information to all employees in compliance with the disaster plan established for each area.

Main Campus and Lozier:

If inclement weather or another emergency situation causes the closing of the University,
announcements will be sent to radio and television stations and posted on the website
( The Bellevue University Website will contain the most accurate and detailed


Review the Plan

The disaster/emergency plan for each site should be reviewed with all department employees on a regular (at least annual) basis.