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Disaster Manual: Suspicious Items (Packages and Envelopes)

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Suspicious Items

If you discover a Bomb or Suspicious item
1. Leave it untouched and secure the area until police arrive
2. Go to a telephone. Dial 9-911 and 557-5000 and report a suspicious item. You may be asked to
assist in a search, because you are familiar with the area.
3. If so directed, evacuate your area.
Other Important Actions
 Notice any items in your area that look strange or out of context such as loose backpacks,
packages, shopping bags, unusual smells, noise or vapor.
 Follow the directions of the Campus Safety Department or law enforcement that has
responded. Know the evacuation routes.
 Most bomb threats are hoaxes made in an effort to disrupt individuals and businesses.
No bomb threat should be dismissed as a hoax without investigation by the proper
Handling of Suspicious Packages or Envelopes
 If a package or envelope appears suspicious, DO NOT OPEN IT!
 Contact Campus Safety at Ext. 557-5000.
 Do not shake or empty the contents of any suspicious package or envelope.
 Do not carry the package or envelope, show it to others or allow others to examine it.
 Put the package or envelope down on a stable surface; do not sniff, touch, taste, or look
closely at it or at any contents that may have spilled.
 Alert others in the area about the suspicious package or envelope. Leave the area, close
any doors, and take actions to prevent others from entering the area. If possible, shut off
the ventilation system.
 Notify Campus Safety at Ext. 557-5000 and your supervisor.
 If possible, create a list of persons who were in the room or area when this suspicious
letter or package was recognized and a list of persons who also may have handled this
package or letter. Give this list to Campus Safety and local law enforcement officials.