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Disaster Manual: Water Main Break

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Water Main Break

During normal business hours, in the event of a water main break, an employee from the Maintenance Department is expected to inform at least one (1) Library Staff Member that the water will be temporarily turned off. Additionally, an all-campus e-mail is expected to be distributed by someone in the Maintenance Department.

When at least one (1) library staff member has been notified of the upcoming water shut off, it is their responsibility to communicate this information to all library staff via Slackchat (under LibraryInfo) or as an e-mail addressed to the library distribution list. The e-mail for the distribution list is Pertinent information to include in the Slackchat or e-mail message should include but not be limited to the following:

• Time the water shut off is expected to occur.

• Estimated time the water will be turned back on (if known).

• Reason why water has been turned off. Include whether or not other buildings have been affected (if known).

• Include other temporary options for patrons and staff (if available).

Once the information is communicated to all library staff, large pieces of duct tape should be placed in an "X" pattern over the front of each restroom door in the Library building by at least one library staff member. This is a total of four (4) doors that need to be duct taped: Two (2) doors (one for men and one for women) near the display case and two (2) doors (one for men and one for women) in the back hallway. In the middle of each "X" a visible sign is taped to it which reads: "Restroom temporarily out of order due to water main leak. Please use restroom located in <name of adjacent building.> We apologize for the inconvenience."

When the water leak has been fixed, and the water is turned back on, at least one (1) library staff member will need to remove the duct tape and signs. Once the signage has been removed, at least one (1) library staff member will communicate with all library staff either through Slackchat or the distribution list ( that the water has been turned back on and the temporary signage has been removed.