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Disaster Manual: Medical Emergencies

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

  1. Dial 9-911 and Ext. 557-5000. Give 9-911 and Campus Safety your exact location, The Library's address is:  1028 Bruin Blvd. Bellevue, NE 68005 and telephone number where you can be reached.
  2. Briefly describe the medical condition of the victim and, if possible, obtain the victim's name.
  3. Return to the injured party. (Do not move a seriously injured person unless it is a lifesaving situation.)
  4. If possible have someone meet Campus Safety or emergency medical personnel at lot or building entrance.

First Aid

  • Medical assistance is available for minor injuries; call Ext. 557-5000.
  • If you require transportation or need first aid treatment at the scene, dial 9-911 and contact Campus Safety at Ext. 557-5000.
  • Inform your supervisor of your injury. (Supervisors and/or Safety Officers must complete an Injury Report for all work-related injuries.)

First Aid Kits- Two (2) Locations: One in the cupboard at Reference Desk and the second one is in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet next to the copier in the north offices.