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Disaster Manual: Evacuation Procedures

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Evacuation Procedure

The Building Safety Supervisors and Monitors are the individuals that Administration depends on to help Bellevue University react to an emergency.  For example, if a building catches on fire, the Building Safety Supervisor and Monitors are the individuals that will work in great speed and detail to go through every area, funnel everyone out of the building, and go to the rally point.  In the event of a Tornado, the Building Safety Supervisors are the individuals that will work in great speed and detail to funnel everyone in the building to the Tornado shelters. These individuals are a significant asset to creating a secure culture at Bellevue University. 


In the event of an evacuation, keep yourself and the public as calm as possible.


Reference and Circulation staff members are responsible for evacuating all patrons from all public areas:  refreshment area, bathrooms, study tables, computer workstations, group study rooms, periodical (quiet) reading area and classroom 460.

The Library Director (or designee) is responsible for evacuating all staff, visitors, etc., from library office areas.

The Library is part of the Blue Team.  Library employees should rally at the corner of Galvin Road and Lloyd Street in the Administration Building parking lot.  At the rally point, the staff members should be counted to ensure that all are safe.  A rally point map is posted on the library’s bulletin board and in Appendix B of this plan.

On evenings and weekends, all Reference and Circulation staff members are responsible for evacuating all patrons and other staff from the building.  If possible, they should verify that all persons are evacuated from the Learning Commons, Faculty offices, Classroom 480, the Conference Room and the hallway bathrooms.

General Procedures for all Emergencies


  1. In case of an emergency, call 9-911.  Dialing 9-9-1-1 from any university land line phone will directly connect you with Bellevue Police Department. You will get the local emergency telephone system. Our location is the Bellevue University Library at 1000 Galvin Road South, Building with circle drive and flagpole in front). Once you have hung up, immediately call 557-5000, or simply 5000 when calling from a University land-line phone. This is the phone number which will connect you to one of the University’s Safety Administrators.
  2. Emergency BLUE LIGHT phones are located in each parking lot with direct access to either the Safety Administrator or 9- 9-1-1. Look for blue location lights.
  3. The Library cordless phone is 402-557-7010 and will be taken to storm shelters with the staff.
  4. There are also phones in all of the classrooms.

Other important numbers: 

Robin Bernstein, Library Director, at 557-7300 or 402-290-4804 (cell phone).

Complete a Bellevue University Incident Report, located in the technical services shelving or in BRUIN in the Employees site under Forms.

Public Relations are solely responsible for releasing any information to the media.

(Whenever possible, computers should be logged off, turned off and unplugged to avoid possible damage from line surges when the power is restored.)

Tornado Shelters