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Disaster Manual: Phone Tree and Emergency Numbers

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Phone Tree-Library Staff

If an emergency occurs at night or on a weekend and impacts staff reporting to work the next day, the following call list will be implemented to alert staff of the situation.

Senior Director, Library Services will notify the Assistant Library/Systems Director, Technical Services Librarian, Public Services Librarian, and the Library Media/Acquisition Specialist.

The Assistant Library Director, Library Systems will notify the Electronic Services Specialists and the Access and Outreach Services Specialist.

The Technical Services Librarian will notify the Technical Services Specialist.

The Public Services Librarian will notify all Reference Staff, Circulation Staff, Document Delivery Specialist and work-study students. 

Library Building Supervisors and Monitors and Crisis Management Team

Library Supervisor


Robin Bernstein

LIB 413 

Joel Hartung (Alternate)

LIB 415

Lorraine Patrick (Monitor) 

LIB 437 



Crisis Management Team


Greg Allen 

ESB 4303 

Jerry Blasig 

ESB 4342 



Mary Hawkins 

ASB 5530-3 

Cris Hay-Merchant

ADM 127



Matt Davis

ESB 4340

Russ Lane

ADM 161

Mike Butera

ESB 4125

Jane Schafer

ADM 134

Emergency Numbers

Bellevue Police Department 

9-911 or non-emergency 402-293-3100 

Bellevue Fire Department

9-911 or non-emergency 402-293-3100 

Bellevue Rescue Squad

9-911 or non-emergency 402-293-3100 

Sarpy County Sheriff/Fire and Rescue

402-593-4111 or 9-911

Evening Administrator

402-968-4678/ 402-968-3730

Campus Safety Ext. 557-5000
Gas Odors/Leaks Ext. 557-7359 and Ext. 557-5000
Medical 9-911 or Ext. 557-5000 
Building Utilities/Repair and Maintenance Ext. 557-5000
Odor Complaints Ext. 557-7359 and Ext. 557-5000