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Disaster Manual: Decision Process to Close

A comprehensive collection of links to resources for disaster prevention, recovery, training, and outreach.

Decision Process to Close

Main Campus/Lozier

The University President (or designee) will determine if the University offices, classes, and operations in the Bellevue and Omaha area will be closed or will remain open. Normally an announcement will be sent out before 6:00 A.M. for day closings and by 3:30 P.M. for evening closings.

However, if a situation is potentially violent or life threatening (such as a bomb threat or civil unrest), site management should take immediate action, then notify senior management at the first possible opportunity.

Announcement of Closing

Campus closings should be relayed to the Bellevue University employees and students through the University’s website.  The University’s website is: Should the University’s Administration decide to close early during regular business hours, an all-campus e-mail will be sent out. 

Main Campus and Lozier

If inclement weather or another emergency situation causes the closing of the University, announcements will be sent to radio and television stations and posted on the website ( The Bellevue University Website will contain the most accurate and detailed information.