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Library Policies & Procedures: Phone Procedures

A listing of library policies and procedures

Telephone/Cell Phone Procedure

Document Title:                               Phone Procedures         

Applies to:                                         All Library Patrons


To provide an environment that is conducive to study as well as being welcoming to all. Therefore, telephone and cell phone guidelines have been developed to help maintain a quiet environment in the library.


To ensure the library provides excellent telephone customer service. The Circulation Desk / Reference Desk telephones are for library staff use. Phone calls made or received on this telephone should be of a business nature concerning the library and/or patrons.


Process for Answering and Directing Telephone Calls:

  1. The phone should be answered promptly, ideally by the third ring. Identify yourself, ask how you can be of service, and give the caller your full attention.
  1. If you are busy with another patron, ask permission to place the caller on hold. If unable to meet the caller's request within two minutes, offer to call back.
  1. Incoming calls for staff members should be transferred promptly to their respective offices. Give the caller the name and number of the person you are transferring in case the caller is disconnected. If the staff member is not available, ask the caller if he/she would like to leave a message on the staff member’s voicemail.
  1. If a patron becomes irate, do not let the caller's anger control your attitude! Listen, acknowledge the situation, offer concern (do not take the comments personally), and try to assist them with what they need. Refer the call to your manager if necessary.
  1. For situations involving obscene phone calls, just hang up.
  1. For threatening phone calls, refer to the “Threatening Phone Call/Bomb Threat Checklist” listed on the back of the “Bomb Threat” tab in the red Guide to Emergency Preparedness Manual located in the bottom drawer at the circulation desk.

Refreshment Area Telephone Usage:

The telephone in the refreshment area can only be used for local telephone calls. The use of this telephone is free and is provided as a courtesy for our patrons. Users are asked to adhere to the following:

  1. Calls should be limited to five minutes.
  1. This telephone should not be used for multiple calls.
  1. Conversations should be kept at low levels out of respect for others.
  1. Incoming calls are not permitted.

Cell Phone Usage:

The cell phone procedure reflects the Bellevue University “Electronic Device Expectations” found in the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook (see below).

  1. All cellular phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode while in the library.
  1. Anyone receiving a call must immediately put the call on hold and move into the main lobby entrance or the north hallway outside the library security gates.
  1. If making a call, patrons must move to the main lobby entrance or the north hallway outside the library security gates before initiating the call.
  1. When using your cell phone in the lobby or hallway, voices should be kept low as the sound carries into the library. Patrons should take their valuable belongings with them when they leave the area to take or receive a call as the library cannot be held responsible.
  1. If a patron refuses to comply with the phone procedures the library staff can call Security to resolve the issue. If a student reports inappropriate phone use by another student, talk to the offending student about the procedures.

Phones located in the entryways mounted on the walls are for Emergency use only.


“Electronic Device Expectations” found in the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook:

“Electronic devices, other than those approved for class, are not allowed during class time. All cell phones, pagers, music players, etc. need to be put on silent mode when in the classroom or library. If there are job related (on-call) or medical reasons (illness at home) to have the device active in the classroom/library, the instructor/librarian needs to be informed. In those cases, if a student is contacted, they will be required to leave the classroom/library to have the conversation. Electronic devices are not allowed within the testing rooms of the test center at any time."

Keywords:                                       cell phone, telephone, library, threatening, electronic device

Responsible Office:                         Library

Contact Information:                        Library, 402-557-7314

Approved by:                                   Robin Bernstein

                                                        Senior Director, Library Services

Effective Date:                                 June 18, 2018

Review Cycle and Dates:                This procedure document supersedes previous versions dated March 26, 2018 and September 30, 1996. 



Robin Bernstein, Sr. Director, Library Services           June 21, 2018