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Library Policies & Procedures: Temporary Release of Library Holds for Student Registration

A listing of library policies and procedures

Temporary Release of Library Holds for Student Registration

Document Title:                          Temporary Release of Library Holds for Student Registration    

Supports Policy Number:              PS 2301, Library Holds

Applies to:                                     All Students, Faculty, Staff, and other Library Patrons


To temporarily release a library hold on BRUIN allowing a student to register for class.


Criteria for placing a hold on BRUIN:

Holds are placed on BRUIN when a borrower:

  1. Declares material is lost but does not replace or pay for the material.
  2. Has overdue material for more than 5 weeks.
  3. Has damaged or mutilated material beyond repair.
  4. Owes fines of $10.00 or more.

Process Prior to Releasing a Hold on BRUIN:

  1. Check student library account to ensure the hold is still valid.
  2. Contact students’ Academic Advisor to confirm that the student is actively involved in the registration process enabling them to return to Bellevue University.
  3. Prepare documentation and present it to the Senior Director, Library Services.
  4. Exceptions will be evaluated and granted on a case-by-case basis by the Senior Director, Library Services.

Process to Release a Hold on BRUIN:

  1. All communication between the library and the student will be conducted through the students’ Academic Advisor for the duration of the transaction.
  2. The student will be required to sign a promissory note stating that they will meet their library obligation by an agreed upon date.
  3. Promissory Note location: I:\Departments\Circulation\Circdesk\Signs&Forms\CircDesk OR MISC\Promissory note.docx 
  4. After the promissory note has been signed the hold on the students’ BRUIN account will be released for 24 hours, allowing time to register for class.
  5. After the student has registered for class the hold will be placed back onto their BRUIN account and the students’ business office account will be charged the amount owed.
  6. Extensions will not be granted once the agreed upon date has expired.

The signing of a promissory note is a one-time exception.

Supports Policy:                          PS 2301, Library Holds

Supporting Documentation:        Promissory Note (see above for location)


Keywords:                                   holds, Library, overdue, fine, promissory note

Responsible Office:                     Library

Contact Information:                    Library, 402-557-7314

Approved by:                               Robin Bernstein

                                                    Senior Director, Library Services

Effective Date:                             April 23, 2018

Review Cycle and Dates:            This procedure document supersedes previous versions dated June 4, 2014 and July 25, 2011. 



Robin Bernstein, Sr. Director, Library Services    April 26, 2018