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Library Policies & Procedures: PS 2301 Library Holds

A listing of library policies and procedures

PS 2301 Library Holds

Policy Title:                                     Library Holds

Policy Number:                                 PS 2301

Purpose of Policy:                            To establish a policy of Library Holds and enlist the assistance of the Registrar’s Office in the recovery of library materials at the Bellevue University Library and any reciprocal borrowing library.

Applies to:                                          All Students, Faculty, Staff, and other Library Patrons


Policy Statement:

  1. Definition: “Holds” on student accounts are internal designations that prevent the student from future registration as well as the release of transcripts and diplomas.
  1. Library Holds occur when a student fails to return materials to Bellevue University in accordance with Library policies. Bellevue University patrons owing materials to the Bellevue University Library will be notified four times via mail regarding outstanding library materials before a hold will be requested.
  1. The Library will maintain a “Library Holds” database. This is a cumulative list incorporating both patrons who are in violation and those who have been cleared.
  1. This list is distributed to the Student Accounts office as overdue charges or holds occur.
  1. Patrons who have not cleared their accounts will remain on the list indefinitely; entries will be designated as cleared upon resolution of the outstanding charge and/or the return of the overdue materials.
  1. Only the Senior Circulation Assistant, Public Services Librarian, and the Library Director may add/remove names to/from the list.
  1. Bellevue University patrons owing materials to reciprocal borrowing libraries will be added to the “Library Holds” database immediately upon notification form the library in question. Patrons cannot be cleared until formal notification is received from reciprocal borrowing library.

Supporting Documentation:        Library Holds database, Library Policies and Procedures

Keywords:                                   holds, library overdue, fine

Responsible Office:                     Library

Contact Information:                    Library, 402-557-7314

Approved by:                               Dr. Mary Hawkins

Effective Date:                             January 23, 2018

Review Cycle and Dates:            This policy statement supersedes previous versions of PS 2301, dated February 26, 2009 and PS 2301, dated May 2, 1995. 



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Dr. Mary Hawkins, Bellevue University President                              Date