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Library Policies & Procedures: Noise Control Procedure

A listing of library policies and procedures

Noise Control/Disturbance Procedure

Document Title:                               Noise Control Procedure            

Applies to:                                         All Library Patrons


To provide general guidelines for controlling noise within public areas of the Library in order to create an educational environment conducive to study and research.


Considerations and Criteria:

  1. Quiet talking and low levels of noise is permitted throughout the Library.
  1. Group study is permitted in the study rooms, LIB 460 (by appointment only), at the tables, in the refreshment area, and at the computer pods, as long as the group does not disturb others who are studying nearby. 
  1. If LIB 460 is available, students may use this room as a ‘quiet zone’ for individual study, but only if all of the study rooms are occupied.  
  1. Cell phones should be set to “vibrate” or “silent,” or turned off when entering the Library. All phone conversations are to take place outside the main library area. Students should be directed to the area between the front doors or the back hallway to use their phone. Additional information pertaining to cell phones can be found in the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook under “Electronic Device Expectations.”
  1. With a valid student ID, headphones may be borrowed for check out for in-library use at the circulation desk. Also, earbuds are available (see Earbuds Procedure). Headphones should be used at all times when operating any kind of media where audio is necessary. Volume should be set so as not to disturb others. Students who have headphone volumes loud enough to disturb other students and/or staff will be asked politely by staff to lower the volume.  If the sound is still causing a disturbance, a second request will be made.
  1. While parents or guardians are responsible for their child’s conduct and noise level, Library staff will enforce the noise control/disturbance procedure as they deem necessary.
  1. Study rooms and Classroom 460 doors should be closed when in use. Since these rooms are not soundproof, reasonable quiet voices are encouraged.
  1. Library patrons who are disruptive will be asked to lower their noise level. If they do not comply, they will be asked to leave the area. Disruptive patrons will be given three warnings before they are asked to leave the building. If deemed necessary, Campus Security will be called to handle the situation.
  1. Disorderly conduct, destruction of property, abusive, inappropriate, unprofessional language or actions toward library staff or other library patrons will not be tolerated. In these situations no warning will be given and patrons will be asked to leave the building immediately. If deemed necessary, Campus Security will be called to handle the situation.
  1. All noise complaints are handled by Library Staff in a timely, fair, and equitable manner.

Comments regarding this procedure should be submitted in writing to the Senior Director, Library Services.

Supporting Documentation:        Earbuds Procedure, Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

Keywords:                                   noise, disturbance, quiet, cell phones, headphones, earbuds

Responsible Office:                     Library

Contact Information:                    Library, 402-557-7314

Approved by:                                Robin Bernstein

                                                     Senior Director, Library Services

Effective Date:                              June 18, 2018

Review Cycle and Dates:             This procedure document supersedes previous versions dated March 23, 2018 and August 20, 2004.



Robin Bernstein, Sr. Director, Library Services           June 21, 2018