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Library Database Information: GrantSelect

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Grant Select


A Bellevue University Library Guide

What is GrantSelect:

GrantSelect is an extensive online database which contains more than 16,000 funding opportunities provided by more than 5,100 unique sponsoring organizations.  Each record contains detailed information about a grant program. This information includes a description of the grant, requirements, restrictions, name of organizations that have previously received this grant, amount of funds available, deadline, sponsoring organization, contact information, and a link to application information.

 When to Use:

  1. To discover which organizations fund grants.
  2. To verify if a specific grant is available in your state.
  3. To determine the qualifications for grant applications. 

How to Access

Mouse over Find on the library homepage and click on Databases. Now click on "G" under "Browse by Title" then on GrantSelect. If off-campus, you will be prompted for your BRUIN Connect login.  Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them, until you close your browser.

Quick Search

  1. Click on Quick Search in the left menu of the GrantSelect homepage.
  2. Enter one or more keywords into the search box. All major content areas of GrantSelect will be searched, including grant title, description, requirements, restrictions, sponsoring organization, program type, and subjects.
  3. You may limit your search by state, or search all states.
  4. You may also limit your search by choosing from a long list of Subject headings.  Multiple subject headings may be selected by holding down the Ctrl (or Command for Macs) key while clicking on the selections.
  5. The search box can be used in combination with these subject headings, by itself, or not at all. For example, you may choose to search for grants in Nebraska and Iowa, by leaving the search box blank, selecting these two states, and selecting Addictions from the Subject headings menu.  You may focus on alcohol addictions by typing alcohol in the search box.
  6. A list of funding options will be displayed based on your criteria. Information includes the grant title, a description, the sponsor, deadline, and amount. 
  7. Click on the title of the grant for more details, including contact information.

Advanced Search

  1. The Advanced Search screen has all the options in the Quick Search but also provides more ways to focus your search. 
  2. Geographic locations include countries worldwide, as well as U.S. states.
  3. A long selection of Program Types is provided as well as Sponsor Types.
  4. You may also search for a grant by its title, description, requirements, or restrictions. You may get no results if the keywords you choose do not actually appear in the title, description, requirements, or restrictions.
  5. You may also specify a deadline.
  6. Use as few or as many of these limiters as you desire.

Other features

  1. The main section of the homepage contains Funding News, links to recent news articles related to grants. 
  2. You may set up email alerts for recently added or updated grants listings, based on your criteria.
  3. A Glossary of Terms commonly used in grants is provided. Find this under Tips & Hints on the left side of the homepage
  4. GrantSelect also provides links and pointers to Internet sites maintained by third parties, including many government departments.  Look for Agency Guidelines, under Tips & Hints.
  5. Search Rules and Tips, Sample Searches, and Tutorials are all available under Tips & Hints..

GrantSelect (Library Research Tutorial)

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