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Library Database Information: Books 24x7

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Books 24/7

Books 24x7

A Bellevue University library Guide

What is Books 24x7?
Books 24x7 contains approximately 85,000 titles, over 16,000 of which have been added in the last 12 months. It consists of IT Pro (IT and Technical Topics) with 11,000+ ebook titles, plus the Leadership Channel and 50 Lessons series in flash video format. Browse the collections by using "View by:" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

How to access Books 24x7 
Mouse over Find on the library homepage then click on Databases. Now click on the letter "B" and scroll down and click on Books 24x7.  If off campus, you will be prompted for your BRUIN Connect login. Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them until you close your browser.

From off campus, proceed as above. You will be prompted for your BU login when you click on any database on the list.  Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them, until you close your browser.

Homepage - My Home - You have access to Live Events, Titles, and Browse Topics.

  • A What's New folder - contains recently added titles.
  • A Top Titles folder - lists the most popular titles in the last week at Books 24x7.
  • Recommended folder - displays titles recommended by the overall Books 24x7 community and library patrons.
Browse Tools  - Allow you to perform many tasks; for example, back to current list, go to previous title in the list or go to next title in the list.
Browsing by Topic
On the My Home page click on the yellow triangle beside a category in the Browse Topics box to reveal its subtopics.  Click on a subtopic to view a list of titles on that subject.  You can select from the following collections: Leadership Channel Topic, IT and Technical Topics, or Publisher with the 'View by' option.
Searching for Content - Enter a word or phrase in the Search box at the very top of the page. Narrow your search by selecting from various options: all content (general info, titles, ISBNs, author/speaker, publishers, code listings, in video transcripts) OR choose all collections, ITPro, Leadership Channel, What's New, or Top Titles Last Week. The search engine produces the most relevant titles with links to top section hits for single-click access to content. Use Search Within to search within the results, and Filter Options to limit your results to only titles with certain characteristics.
Advanced Search - Button is located in the search bar to the right of the GO button. The form is divided into three major sections. Each section provides additional criteria that you can use to further refine your search.  Use as many or as few of the criteria required to achieve the results you need.
1. Limit the scope of your search by:
Content: Full text - Search the full text of each title, including the descriptive content.
General Info: All - Search only the descriptive content.
General Info: -Titles, -ISBNs, -Authors/Speakers, Publishers - Search only the specific Info field.
Content: Code Listing - Search only text that has been marked a "Code Listing".
In Notes - Search all notes.
Enter a word or phrase into the search box, then choose the type of search you would like to perform:
Words in proximity - Results are ranked based on how close words appear within the same page.
Any words - Results are based on the occurrence of any of the words specified.
All words - Results are based on the occurrence of all of the words within an HTML page.
Exact Phrase - Results are based on the occurrence of the phrase exactly as entered.
Boolean - Recognizes AND, OR, and NOT in your search statement as Boolean operators.
2. Limit the scope of your search by choosing to search a subset of the library - Search ALL itemsFolders, or one or more of the
3.  Add up to three additional search criteria, each one with different constraints.  This will also allow you to limit your search to titles
     in a specific copyright range.
To cite a title from the Books 24/7 platform, simply click Citation which is displayed next to the publisher information to the right of the title graphic. The citation window appears, giving you options to choose one of the following citations:
Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style
MLA - (Modern Language Association)
APA - (American Psychological Association)
You can export to RefWorks if you have a valid RefWorks account.
Click on the Print icon at the top of the page on the right. Click on Page and from the drop down menu you can select from the following:  save the page, send by page by email or send link by email.
Other Features
Click on the Page drop menu and you can zoom in closer or select text size.

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