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Library Database Information: Nexis Uni

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Nexis Uni

A Bellevue University Library Guide 

What is Nexis Uni? 

Nexis Uni, formerly LexisNexis Academic Universe, provides access to more than 15,000 credible news, legal, and business sources. These include journals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires, blogs, local, regional, national, and international newspapers; legal sources for federal and state cases and statutes; and business information on more than 80 million U.S. and international companies.

How to access Nexis Uni:

Mouse over Find on the library homepage then click on Databases. Click on the letter N under Browse by Title, click on Nexis UniIf off-campus, you will be prompted for your BRUIN Connect login. Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them until you close your browser.

Navigating the Homepage

The Nexis Uni homepage provides several ways to start your search.

  • Menu. This drop-down in the top left area of the page, lets you choose the area you want to search and appears at the top of every page so you are always able to navigate wherever you need to without backtracking or returning to the homepage. Besides Business, Criminal Justice, and Political Science, other choices on this menu are:.
    • Company Dossier - see the section on this below/
    • ‚ÄčAll Sources -  lets you choose any source that is available in Nexis Uni, applying the filters on the left to narrow your search. For example, choose a newspaper, such as the New York Times, and when the results come up, narrow by date and "Search Within Results" for a specific topic to see any articles printed about that topic within a specified time range..
  • Search All Nexis Uni. This large box lets you enter any term, source, company, or citation to search across all content types in a single search. You may use natural language or set up a Boolean search. A space between search terms implies the word OR but you can insert AND or NOT instead. When the results come up, options in the left will allow you to focus your search more, if needed. There is also an advanced search and search tips. Both are available just under the search box.
  • Guided Search. Choose one of the four options: News, Cases, Law Reviews,  Company Info, or A Publication The next search boxes will ask for information specific to this type of search. 
  • Discover Topics.  Initiate searches by clicking on one of the topic boxes: Business, Criminal Justice, or Political Science. Each links to documents on key topics in the area in the banner at the top. Just below that, each has a search All Nexis Uni box followed by, specialized ways to find information below..
    • Business topics. The choices on this page let you do a company search, find a company dossier, read the latest company news, and recent Supreme Court business opinions, and browse business publications.. 
    • Criminal Justice topics. Search State and Federal statutes, recent and landmark Supreme Court decisions, read recent law journal articles and recent news stories and browse featured criminal justice publications.
    • Political Science topics. Has many of the same choices as the Criminal Justice topics, as well as a way to find and track federal or state legislation.

The Company Dossier

Though there are several ways to go about getting company information, the best way to gather everything together in one place is the Company Dossier. Click on it from the Menu at the top of every page, or from the left top area of the Business Topics page. Start by clicking on the company Tab and entering in the company name, ticker symbol, or DUNS number. You may also choose to select a company type, such as parent company, private company, subsidiary, etc. 

  • The Snapshot page contains some basic information about the company. The left column offers many other options for viewing company information
  • Company Information. Find out about such things as brands, competitors, company hierarchy, and executives.
  • Financial Overview provides annual figures for three years: assets, liabilities, income, cash flow, balance sheet, ratio analysis, stock information, and a list of products, if applicable.
  • SEC Filings - several types are available.
  • Company Reports - additional reports from sources such as Standard & Poor's, Worldscope International,, Morningstar, and Reuters, as well as corporate affiliations.
  • Industry Knowledge, including an industry overview, recent industry news, and other industry reports
  • There is also information about a number of other things, including legal news, investments, intellectual property, and more.

Other features

  • Most pages have a print, email, or download symbol on them. When a document is selected from the results list, another option in the "document view" is to send it to Google Drive.
  • There are Advanced Search forms for numerous content categories, including news, company and financial, directories, and legal content.
  • When in the Document view, you can save documents to one or more folders, which can be named and organized. 
  • Click on Help in the top right area of the page for more information on working with Nexis Uni. Help screens accessed from here are relevant to that specific page. At the top of the pop-up box that appears, click on Nexis Uni™ Support Page for tips, tutorials, and fact sheets to help you get the most out of Nexis Uni.

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