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Library Database Information: Statista

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What is Statista?
Statista provides access to data from the market, opinion, government, and business institutions. As one of the world's most successful statistics databases, the platform consists of 1,500,000+ statistics on over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 sources. It also provides data from market forecasts, white paper studies, dossiers, and industry reports.

How to access Statista
Mouse over Find on the library homepage then click on Databases. Now click on the letter S under "Browse by title." If off-campus, you will be prompted for your BRUIN Connect login. Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them until you close your browser.

How to use Statista
The search box on the Statista homepage is the starting point for all searches. The items in the menu bar at the top of the page provide descriptions and examples of the various types of data available in Statista but do not provide a way to search. However, items under the various headings may be of interest and provide a path to data on the featured topics..The topics listed under the search box connect to an overview (topic page) that contains the important statistics for that topic as well as a full report (dossier).

Statista Search. .

  • Type a term into the search box;  as you type, the auto-fill will suggest terms related to your search. This will locate everything in the database related to your search term.
  • When the results come up, there will likely be hundreds; use the checkboxes on the left to select only the things that are relevant to you. This will narrow your search down by removing the things you are not interested in. See below for details.

Search Results. The results are sorted by relevance with the location focus being the United States, by default. These may both be changed by using the drop-down menus. When a location focus is selected, the results for that location will appear at the top, though results for all locations are included. 

These options in the left column will focus your results in various ways. You may check as many or as few of these as you wish. When a number appears in parentheses after a selection, it is the number of results available.:Not all searches will have data for every area. 

  • Statistics. - these categories appear under this heading:
    • Statistics will make up the bulk of your results, and since they are collected from many sources, there may be some duplication.
    • Forecasts & Surveys. Forecasts are outlook reports on current trends while Surveys contain quantitative data from consumer and expert surveys.
    • Infographics display data visually. Clicking on Infographics at the top of the page will display some of the new additions to this category, as well as highlighting infographics on trending topics.
    • Topics. Topic pages provide an overview of a topic, gathering together a list of important statistics related to that topic, including a , Dossier for that topic (see below for description)
  • Studies and Reports - these types of reports appear under this heading:
    • Dossiers are complete reports that gather everything relevant to a subject all in one document. They can be downloaded in PDF or PPT format. 
    • Statista studies are compiled by Statista for some topics and provide further information.
    • Industry & country reports are available for 60 industries and 150 countries. They contain all data relevant to a specific industry,  including revenue forecasts, or to a specific country, including data on consumers and the economy.
    • Additional studies is a collection of relevant studies that examine the topic more deeply.
  • Expert tools - these do not apply to all statistics but rather to those involving market research. 
    • Digital Markets
    • Consumer Markets
    • Companies
  • Search accuracy - this is set to "Normal" by default. If set to "Wide" it will give more results though many may not be relevant. If set to "High" it will give only the most important results.
  • Regions - choose a specific region and/or country to eliminate all other results from the page.
  • Industry - choose a general industry and/or subcategory.
  • Publication date - choose a specific year; date ranges are not available.
  • Archives - search for older statistics.

Other Features

  • The headings in the menu bar at the top of the page often describe the items listed under it and usually provide examples that may be viewed or downloaded. The function and content vary by menu heading but are worth investigating, especially if one or more seem relevant to the type of information you are looking for.
  • Special Functions to the right of the document provide such things as:
    • The formats are available for download, including one or more of these, PDF, PPT, XLS, and PNG.
    • HTML and embed codes for images, such as infographics,.
    • A persistent link (which needs to have this preface inserted for off-campus access, ..
    • Citations in a number of styles; these should be checked for accuracy.

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