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Library Policy Statements: Lost and Found Policy

A listing of library policy and procedure statements.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost and Found Policy 


To provide a specific process for identifying and storing items found on Library premises.



Items are deemed “lost” if:

·         Turned in at the Circulation or Reference Desks by patrons

·         Unattended and found by Library staff


Considerations and Criteria:


1.      Items left unattended in study rooms will be removed if another patron has requested the use of the room, and the study room has not been in use 15 minutes or more (as signaled by the light shutting off automatically). More details on this can be found in the Study Room Policy.


2.      Perishables or other food items will be disposed of at closing time, with the container emptied and stored in the Lost and Found bin.


3.      Items of high value, such as wallets, laptops, or pieces of jewelry are held in a designated secure area while the owner is contacted and the “Lost Item” form is filled out by two employees. If the owner cannot be identified, or the items cannot be picked up within 24 hours, Campus Security will be contacted to pick up and store the items, unless other arrangements have been made by the owner. Note: it is up to the Library Staff’s discretion what qualifies as “high value” items. Campus Security will hold items up to 30 days before disposing of them.


4.      The Lost and Found bin kept at the Reference Desk holds shelf will be emptied on the first Friday of every month; the contents will be turned over to Campus Security for pick up and storage.


5.      The Bellevue University Library will not be held responsible for items left unattended.



Effective June 4, 2014