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Library Policies & Procedures: Acquisitions Procedure

A listing of library policies and procedures

Acquisitions Procedure

Document Title:                               Acquisitions Procedure               

Applies to:                                          All Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni


The Freeman/Lozier Library is dedicated to the support and enrichment of the University curricula through the provision of print and non-print materials to students, faculty and staff, and to furthering the cause of lifelong education through instruction in the effective use of library resources.


Considerations and Criteria:

  1. Library Funds – All materials purchased with funds allocated to the library become University property, to be managed by the library and made available for the use of the entire campus community. Approximately 35% of the library materials budget is distributed annually to the Dean of Arts & Sciences, the Dean of Business, the Dean of Science and Technology, and the Dean of Continuing and Professional Education to disburse among their areas.
  1. Selection Responsibility – Faculty members have the primary responsibility for recommending the acquisition of materials in the subject areas; however, the library staff may and will select material as needed. Any member of the faculty may request an item by submitting their choices to the library with the exception that video purchases over $100 require Dean’s approval. The library staff has the primary responsibility of purchasing all reference material with the remaining 65% of the budget. Members of the library community (i.e., students, alumni, etc.) are encouraged to submit requests via the Library Purchase Request form. Material selections are made by a committee of librarians with the final decision being made by the Senior Director; Library Services for all library purchases. The library does not accept books on approval or preview.
  1. Intellectual Freedom – The principles of intellectual freedom as outlined in the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association will be adhered to for the acquisition of library materials. It is the responsibility of the library staff and all faculty selecting materials to insure that all points of view are represented in the collection and that materials are not removed from the collection because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.
  1. Books/Videos/Audios – Generally only one print copy of an item will be purchased, and the use of the library materials budget to supply course textbooks is discouraged.  However, multiple copies of materials may be purchased when the need for such copies can be demonstrated by use. In addition, materials will not be purchased if we already own an electronic copy unless the requestor demonstrates need for a print copy.
  1. Periodicals – Selection will be determined on the needs of the curriculum and the available indexing for the title. Much care and thought will be exercised in selecting and beginning new series and subscriptions because the expense of such an undertaking is an annual expense. If a title is available full-text on the computer, the library will consider canceling the print subscription to the title unless it is heavily used locally or has some other special character that would be lost in having the title only online. Print journals may be purchased and kept for a short period of time if the online version is embargoed.
  1. Online Resources – In recognition of the increasing number of online students and faculty as well as availability of online resources, the library is committed to providing both access and assistance to library users wishing to use online materials in their course of research. The library looks for online resources that either supports the curriculum or provides general reference assistance.
  1. Gifts – The library accepts donations from the community (see Donations Procedure). 
  1. Weeding – The library pursues a systematic and continuous weeding process (see Weeding Procedure).
  1. Replacements – When titles in the collection are reported missing, those requested for teaching will be replaced promptly, if still obtainable.  Missing items will be subjected to a six month search before they are removed and possibly replaced. Items will be replaced based on usage, need by subject area, and/or need by courses and programs. Items lost or returned damaged will be paid for by the patron and replaced, either by exact replacement or within the subject area.

Comments or criticisms about particular items in the collection will be accepted in writing to the Senior Director; Library Services.

Supporting Documentation:        Library Bill of Rights, Donations Procedure, Weeding Procedure

Keywords:                                   acquisitions, funds, selection, intellectual freedom, books, videos, audio, textbooks, periodicals, online resources, gifts, weeding, donations, replacements, budget, Dean

Responsible Office:                     Library

Contact Information:                    Library


Approved by:                               Robin Bernstein

                                                    Senior Director, Library Services

Effective Date:                             June 14, 2018

Review Cycle and Dates:            This procedure document supersedes previous versions dated March 22, 2018, and originally in 2011. 



Robin Bernstein, Sr. Director, Library Services          June 15, 2018