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Library Policy Statements: Non-Circulating Materials

A listing of library policy and procedure statements.

Non-Circulating Materials Policy

Library Non-Circulating Materials Policy/Procedure

To inform the Bellevue University Library community about non-circulating materials, such as reference titles, periodicals, juvenile, and archive materials that do not circulate outside of the library.  This policy should be articulated at every request for permission to check out non-circulating materials.




·         Reference books which may include accompanying CD-ROMs

·         Journals, magazines, and newspapers in all formats (paper, bound microform, electronic)

·         Reserve materials 

·         Archive materials

·         Juvenile materials

·         Special Collections


Considerations and Criteria:

1.      Patrons are encouraged to photocopy, scan or print any information found in materials designated as non-circulating in accordance with Copyright law (see Copyright Policy). 

2.      Students, staff and faculty members are not allowed to remove materials from the library to photocopy without prior permission.

3.      Permission for removal of non-circulating materials can only be granted by the Senior Director, Library Services.

4.      Unauthorized removal of non-circulating materials may result in suspension of library privileges.



Effective date: August 11, 1998

Revised date: March 20, 2013

Reviewed date: August 5, 2016