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Library Database Information: D&B Business Browser

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D&B Business Browser

D&B Business Browser
(Formerly OneSource Business)

A Bellevue University library Guide

What is D&B Business Browser?
D&B Business Browser (formerly OneSource Business) provides comprehensive company and industry information, as well as information about company executives. About 18 million companies, including international companies, are profiled, as well as 25 million company executives.

How to access D&B Business Browser 
Mouse over Find on the library homepage then click on Databases. Now click on D&B Business BrowserIf off campus, you will be prompted for your BU login. Once you are logged into one database, you are logged into all of them until you close your browser.

From off campus, proceed as above. You will be prompted for your BU login when you click on any database on the list.  Once you are logged into onc database, you are logged into all of them, until you close your browser.


  • Quick Search
    Search boxes on the D&B Business Browser homepage allow you to quickly find information on companies, executives,and industries, or locate news articles from publications around the world.  You may also use the navigation bar at the top of every page to access these four modules.  
  • Top Business News.  Just below the Quick Search boxes, a few current news articles are listed.  These articles are mainly focused on mergers, acquisitions, and litigation.  There is also a link for viewing more articles.

Companies. Company profiles may be found by using either the Quick Search box on the homepage or by clicking on Companies in the navigation bar at the top of the page.  Type in the name of a company, its ticker symbol, or its registered number into the box provided,

  • A one page summary of the company will be displayed. Besides a description of the company, it includes information on its executives, recent significant developments, recent news articles, and brief financial and stock information.
  • Use the menu to the left of the summary to view detailed information organized under four categories:
    • Profile.  This category includes more detailed company description including corporate family information and a more complete list of executives.
    • News & Analysis.  Besides current news stories and analysis reports, this section contains fair disclosure transcripts, a competitors report, strategic initiatives, a SWOT analysis, and analysis of peer companies
    • Filings. SEC Filings and Annual Reports are found here.
    • Financials. Financial reports are provided by Morningstar.  The Financial Health Report shows growth over a five year period. In addition, there are ratio comparisons and reports according to business segments.  Finally, there are income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows, all covering a 10 year period.
  • One Stop Report.  Look in the menu to the left under Profile to create a custom report by selecting as many or as few of the options listed in the Report Set Up Form.
  • Build a List.  This option is available from both the Quick Search box and navigation bar.  Select criteria from the list of options provided to create a list of companies that fit this criteria.  Lists of up to 5000 companies may be exported to Excel, while up to 1000 may be viewed.

Executives.  Type in either the last name, or first and last name of a company executive, into the Quick Search box.  You may also use the screen that comes up when you click on Executives in the navigation bar. Click on View Results in the top right area of the page above the Executive Search screen that appears.

  • Information includes office address and phone, a brief biography, compensation, and age.
  • There are links on this page to the company website, as well as to recent news articles.
  • Build a List.  You may also use the Quick Search box or the Executive Search screen that is available from the navigation bar to select criteria to create a list of executives, rather than searching for a specific executive. This list may consist of executives from many companies or from a specific company depending on the criteria selected.

News & Articles:  Type in a keyword in the Quick Search box on the D&B Business Browser homepage to locate news articles from publications worldwide. For more detailed news search screen or to search for analyst reports, use News & Reports in the navigation bar.

  • Clicking on News & Reports will bring up the basic search box.  However, this same box may be used to search for SEC Filings and Analysts' Reports by checking the relevant boxes and entering in a keyword.
  •  The Advanced Search tab will display a search box with more options for finding the various types of news and reports.
    • When using the Advanced Search screen, be sure to click on either News & Reports, Analysts' Reports, or SEC Filings to bring up the specific screen for each type of search.
    • Mouse over News & Reports in the navigation bar, to go directly to the screen needed.
  • Links to the right of the article take you to related information and industries.

Industries.  Type a keyword, industry activity, or industry code into the Quick Search box. 

  • By default, the results list contains industries that have some associated activity that relates to your search term.
    • You can resort this page, by changing the "Search by" drop down menu from "Industry Activity" to "Industry Description."  This will give you a more focused list of industries in that area.
    • You may also change the "Source" from the default "NAICS 2002" to another source or even all sources.
    • Click on one of the industry codes in your results list to see the Summary Report for that industry.  This report includes a description. market research reports, companies related to that industry, news, and geographic segments which shows how companies are diversified by region.
    • Use the menu on the left to to locate more information, including a list of industry activities, industry family information, market research reports from several sources, and industry analysis.
  • You can perform this same search by starting with the Industry area in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
    • You can find the option to browse industries by mousing over the Industry area on the navigation bar.

Other Features 

  • Printing and exporting
    • Click on the print icon in the top right area of the page above reports and news articles for a printable view.  Then use the print command in your browser to print. In the case of PDF reports, use the print icon in the Acrobat toolbar.
    • Reports that can be exported, have an Export button at the top of the page.
    • There is no email function.
  • Support.  The online User Guide will walk you through all the features in D&B Business Browser. Click on Support , then Customer Support, then scroll down to D&B Business Browser User Guides.

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