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Academic Assessment Committee: Program Description

Program Description

Here are a few questions to consider when writing program descriptions:

  • What makes your program distinct compared to other programs like it?
  • What will students learn in the program (specific knowledge or skills that are embedded in courses)?
  • What does this program prepare students for in the real world? (i.e., job roles and opportunities, career advancement, credentials/exams, etc.)
  • Why should students choose to take this program at Bellevue University? (similar to the first question but it’s good to think a bit broader about how the program connects back to the brand vs. just the academic nature of its offerings alone).


Our overall recommendation is to keep in mind three principles: clear, relevant, and distinct. It’s important to make sure you are being really transparent and descriptive about the program and the modality offered, ensuring that the content is relevant to the type of audience that would be a good fit for the program, and that you are conveying it in a way that is distinctive to what Bellevue University offers in the market.