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Academic Assessment Committee: AAC Goals


AAC Goals

Academic Assessment Committee – 2019/2020 Goals

1.   Review and evaluate program assessment process

  • Consider having rubrics used for Program Assessment be submitted along with annual reports.              (objective 1, 5)
  • Consider criteria for when rubric is required
  • Update Program Review Questions
  • Review 3-year cycle schedule
  • Review the review form
  • Discuss numbering of the pages

2. Increase faculty engagement in assessment (objective 8)

  • Faculty Assessment Award(s)

          *November meeting ; all faculty meeting in December

  • Swag items to promote assessment

3. Expand/Create Resources that Faculty can utilize. ie. Assessment Library and/or Libguide. Finish              knowledge guide. (objective 8)

  • Add additional video resources – quick guides
  • Create repository that can be easily found
  • Create repository that can be easily found Provide exemplars of Assessment Reports, Plans, Program Rubrics, etc. (objectives 3, 8)
  • Possible Education Session to showcase examples

4. Plan and provide assessment Education Sessions for 2019-2020 (objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8)

  • Action plans/ using data to improve student learning (exemplars)
  • Address deficiencies identified in Culture Survey
  • Session regarding the linkage of University CLOs and PLOs
  • Exemplar examples
  • Weave (or new program) tutorial or clean-up session
  • Plan and provide assessment session(s) targeted at non-Program Directors (objectives 1, 8)
  • Using assessment data to improve teaching

5. Ensure AAC is represented at the annual conference (objective 8)

6. Program Assessment Reviews (objective 5, 7)

7. Partner with Co-curricular Assessment Committee to create an assessment plan for the Common           Learning Outcomes (objective 3, 8)

8. Create a partnership with TLC. Look at synergies between AAC and TLC (objectives 3, 8)

  • Potential joint session on CLOs and/or assessment methods