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Academic Assessment Committee: Staging Scores


Staging Scores for Program Assessment

                  Staging Scores for Program Assessment



  • No content or only partial content of any quality exists for area.




Unable to Rate:  

  • Required content not submitted
  • Content varies significantly from AAC’s guidelines
  • Ratings are not needed (e.g. program near sunset)
  • Reviewer would likely use one or more drop-down improvement items on review rubric

Partially Meets:

  • Required items exist for area
  • Reviewer uses two (2) or more pull-down improvement items on review rubric

Meets Expectations:

  • Required items exist for area
  • Reviewer uses no more than (1) pull-down improvement item on review rubric
  • Could have **All requirements met**

Best Practice:

  • Meets all expectations and requirements
  • Exemplary content and model of program assessment