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BUILD IT Express

A short version of the Bellevue University Information Literacy Development Interactive Tutorial aka BUILD IT


Bellevue University Library has over 65,000 print books as well as over 446,000 electronic books. That is a lot of information and it is continuously growing as new titles are added. So, how do you sort through it all to find what you are looking for?
The answer is eCatalog.

For more information on how to use eCatalog to find books, illustrated with sample and interactive searches, visit the pages in BUILD IT starting with Locating Books Using eCatalog.


Not all books are kept on the shelves.  In fact, we have access to over 446,000 eBooks and are adding to them continuously. Like print books, some of these can only be read by one person at a time, but many can be used by multiple students at once. 

In eCatalog, choose "eBook" from the menu in the first box before searching, or use the limiters in the left column to do so after you get your results. Click on the link to access an eBook directly through eCatalog. 

Use the Discovery Search on the library homepage to find even more eBooks.  When the results come up, mark the Full Text and eBook limiters on the left. All eBooks can be found by doing a Discovery Search but not all are in eCatalog. 

eBook databases, such as ProQuest Ebook Central,  eBooks on EBSCOhost, PsycBOOKS, Gale eBooks, and others, can be searched directly.  They are listed alphabetically on the  Databases page


Don't worry, the library subscribes to many electronic journal databases. You are sure to find what you need there.

So how exactly do you do that, see the next page, LOCATING ARTICLES.