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BUILD IT Express

A short version of the Bellevue University Information Literacy Development Interactive Tutorial aka BUILD IT

Items in the FIND menu

Click on Find at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page to access the items grouped under it. 
Some of the items are discussed below while others are covered elsewhere in 

FIND Menu Items

Use the A-Z Journal List  to search for a specific periodical, such as a journal, magazine, or newspaper. It will tell you the dates of availability and the database(s) where you can find it.  Learn how to use it on the A-Z Journal List page in BUILD IT.

Find databases by title or subject or format on the  Databases page. The most often used databases are listed on the right side of the page. Others can be located quickly by using the A-Z shortcuts under "Browse by title." Other ways to locate databases are by general subject or by format, such as ebooks, videos, etc. For a quick overview of some of the types of resources available in our databases and where to find them, see the Why Use the Databases page in BUILD IT.

The history of Bellevue University s being preserved in our Digital Archives. This ever-growing searchable collection includes newsletters, books, oral histories, yearbooks, graduation programs, student publications, photographs, and so much more from years gone by.  

We also record our library events and workshops to be viewed at your convenience. You can find them under Video Collections>Library Workshop Videos

eCatalog  is our online catalog.  All of our print collection can be found there, as well as audio books, DVDs, Kindle eReaders, and select eBooks. Learn more about it on the Locating Books Using eCatalog page in BUILD IT.

LibGuides are just what they sound like - guides to library resources.  We have guides for specific subjects, as well as guides for specific courses.  Grouped by type , you will find resources such as books, eBooks, streaming videos, journal articles, and so on, related to your topic. See the LibGuides page in BUILD IT for more information.

Besides BUILD IT, many other tutorials are available to help you use the library.  Most of these use screenshots and audio to illustrate how to use our most popular databases. You can access all the library tutorials, including BUILD IT, from the Library Tutorials page.


These are some of the many resources that the library has to offer. We also offer some great services.

Go on to the next page, LIBRARY SERVICES to read about them. Click on Services at the top of the homepage to use them.