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Supply Chain & Logistics Management - Undergraduate: SCLM 300 - Foundations for Professional Success

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Weekly Resources

Supply Chain Word Cloud

Week 1

Learning Styles

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Self-Management

Emotional Intelligence and Artistic Leadership

Additional Resources: Self- and Life-Management

Writing Process

Developing a Topic

Parts of an Essay

Basics of Revision

Additional Resources: Grammar Snippets

Introduction to Performing Academic Research

How to Read a Research Paper in 15 Minutes

Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Evaluating Sources

Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism

Citing Sources

Becoming a Better Writer

Research Writing as Professional and Academic Conversations

What is Organizational Citizenship?

Global Citizenship


  • Professional Behavior and Ethics (Note to Student: the above link will ask you to login to view the video. You should use the same login information as you used to access this course.)

Effective Communication and Organizational Citizenship

Ethical Communication and Digital Messaging

Business Writing in Digital Formats

Communication Process

Active Listening

Providing Feedback

Proofreading and Final Revisions

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