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Supply Chain & Logistics Management - Undergraduate: Business Writing Resources

Business Writing Examples and Outlines

George Mason University- Writing business memos.

Grammarly – How to write a business memo in 8 steps.

Nuclino – How to write a business memo.

Purdue University Sample Memo

The University of Arizona – Global Campus

The University of Oklahoma- Business Memo Sample

Western Technical College – Online Writing Center

What is the correct memo format? (with template and examples).


10 tips for writing effective business emails

How to write a business email

5 tips for writing professional e-mails.

How to write a business email with 10 business email examples

How to write better emails at work.

How to write a formal email to an organization: a step-by-step guide

How to write a perfect professional email in English in 5 steps.

How to write a perfect business e-mail: Tips for format and consent

White Paper

How to write a white paper

What is a white paper?

What is a white paper?  Types, purpose and how to write one

What is a white paper?  When and how to use one

What is a whitepaper?

White paper: Main types, uses, and examples

Writing a white paper

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