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Tutor Service: Meet Our Tutors

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Hello, my name is Addie, and I am from Tabor, IA. I am majoring in Business Administration and have not yet decided on an emphasis. I want to become a financial advisor or something within that field. My goal as a tutor is to work with you so that you are confident in the work you do. I look forward to working with you and to see you succeed! 


Hello, my name is Nick, and I am from Omaha, NE.  I am majoring in Cybersecurity.  After graduating, I plan on getting my CompTIA Security+ certification.  My goal is to provide useful tips, help you feel more comfortable, and succeed when it comes to coding. “The expert in anything was once a beginner” -Helen Hayes


Hello, my name is Alisiara and I am from Topeka, Kansas majoring in biology. I am on the cross country and track team and have an end goal of becoming a dentist. As a tutor, I look forward to helping you become more comfortable with material from your math and science courses!


Hello, my name is Ketlyn and I am from Portugal. I am a part of the women's soccer team at Bellevue University and I major in Health Science. I aim to become a doctor and work in the children's field. I am also looking forward to starting to exercise my job as a tutor and helping you with any difficulties you might find while doing math. Hope to see you around someday!


Hello, my name is Jaewoon and I am from South Korea. I am majoring in accounting at Bellevue University. I want to be an accountant after graduating from college and passing the CPA exam. My goal is to help you be confident in math and enjoy achievement. Please, feel free to come to us. I am looking forward to helping you.