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Tutor Service: Statistical Data

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Exploring categorical data

  • The language of variation: Variables
  • Representing a categorical variable with graphs
  • Representing two categorical variables
  • Statistics for two categorical variables

Exploring one-variable quantitative data: Percentiles, z-scores, and the normal distribution

  • Percentiles
  • Z-scores
  • Density curves
  • Normal distributions and the empirical rule
  • Normal distribution calculations

Exploring one-variable quantitative data: Displaying and describing

  • Representing a quantitative variable with dot plots
  • Representing a quantitative variable with histograms and stem plots
  • Describing the distribution of a quantitative variable
  • Comparing distributions of a quantitative variable

Exploring two-variable quantitative data

  • Representing the relationship between two quantitative variables
  • Correlation
  • Residuals
  • Least-squares regression
  • Analyzing departures from linearity

Exploring one-variable quantitative data: Summary statistics

  • Measuring center in quantitative data
  • More on mean and median
  • Measuring variability in quantitative data
  • Effects of linear transformations
  • More on standard deviation (optional)
  • Graphical representations of summary statistics

Collecting data

  • Introduction to planning a study
  • Potential problems with sampling
  • Random sampling and data collection
  • Introduction to experimental design
  • Inference and experiments