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Tutor Service: Schedule using a PC

If you need help, check out this guide!

Making an appointment using a PC/laptop - Video instructions

Laptop/Desktop Instructions

1. To get started, click on the "Academic Support" chicklet in your Bruin Connect






2. First-time users will need to register for an account by clicking on "Create Account."








3. From the dropdown menu labeled "Schedules," opt for the "Peer Tutoring" option.








4. Within the "Announcements" section, you will find the "Display Options." Utilize the middle dropdown to choose your course.





5. Once your course is selected, the system will only display the names of qualified tutors along with their respective availability. White squares will indicate the time slots when they are actively working and available for appointments.

Appointments are shown in Central TimeClick here to convert your time to Central Time

6. To secure a tutoring session, simply click on an available white square to access an appointment form. Upon completing the necessary details, confirm your appointment by clicking "Create Appointment."

7. A successful appointment reservation will be confirmed when a yellow square appears at the designated time slot.