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Tutor Service: Make an Appointment

If you need help, check out this guide!

Peer Tutoring

Making an Appointment to Meet with a Peer Tutor

To get started, access the appointment system, WcOnline. First-time users will need to register for an accountOnce you have an account, type in the email and password you registered with, select “Bellevue Campus Tutor Center” and then click “Log In”.    

1. Tutor Selection

Under the “Announcements” is the “Display Options”; use the middle dropdown to select your course.

If you do not see your class listed in the dropdown menu or need additional availability options, click here.

After selecting your course, only the names of tutors qualified to assist you, and their availability will appear. White squares indicate the times they are working and accepting appointments. 

Click on a white square to open an appointment form.


2. Appointment Form


Your appointment was successful if you see a yellow square appear for the time you reserved.