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Tutor Service: Meet Our Tutors

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Hello, my name is Nick, and I am from Omaha, NE.  I am majoring in Cybersecurity.  After graduating, I plan on getting my CompTIA Security+ certification.  My goal is to provide useful tips, help you feel more comfortable, and succeed when it comes to coding. “The expert in anything was once a beginner” -Helen Hayes


Hello, my name is Kathrine, but you can call me Kat. I've lived in many different states across the US, both before and during my time in the Air Force. I am majoring in Cybersecurity. I get it; technology can be incredibly frustrating at times, but that frustration is proof of learning. My goal as a tutor is to guide you through that frustration to reach a level of understanding and application. Let's do this together!


I am Vaishnavi and I am from Omaha, NE. I am currently working on my Management in Information Systems with a concentration in Project Management. I have prior job experience as a software engineer in the domain of Java and also worked on website development. My role as a tutor is to make you feel comfortable and give you the best guidance in the information systems domain that drives you through an amazing learning experience and acquiring knowledge in the same.


Hey! My name is Chichi, I am a master's student in cyber security currently. I live in Bellevue, and you can always contact me for assistance in math and science-related courses. My goal is for students to feel comfortable communicating their problems without any fears. 


Hello, my name is Samantha, I’m from Valley, NE.  I am currently majoring in secondary education with an endorsement in English.  My goal as a tutor is to help you better use your grammar, and help you feel more confident in your writing skills. I understand that writing can be very daunting but let's work through it together!  “Read obsessively. Write furiously. Edit carefully.”- Sissy Gavrilaki


Hello, I'm Lina, a Master's graduate in Computer Software Engineering with six years of diverse experience in testing, backend and full-stack development, and analysis.

Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish.

If you're looking for some extra support, want to deepen your understanding, or simply have questions you'd like to discuss, I'm here to help. I'm here to support your academic journey and help you succeed.

Looking forward to the opportunity to work with you!


Hello, my name is Mark, I'm from Minnesota. I'm a math major with a heavy emphasis on computer science. My goal as a tutor is to help and assist others with any questions or problems they have with math.
I look forward to helping you feel more confident with the subject. 


Hello, my name is Robert, and I am from Council Bluffs, Iowa. I am a software development major with experience in full-stack development and networking support. Whether you're new to software development or an experienced web developer, I’m here to help. I have been on both sides of the desk and I know what it’s like, so please don't hesitate to contact me.


Hello, my name is Ketlyn and I am from Portugal. I am a part of the women's soccer team at Bellevue University and I major in Health Science. I aim to become a doctor and work in the children's field. I am also looking forward to starting to exercise my job as a tutor and helping you with any difficulties you might find while doing math. Hope to see you around someday!


Hello, my name is Alexa, and I am from Papillion, Nebraska. I am part of the softball team here at Bellevue University and majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. My goal as a tutor is simple:  to support and encourage you throughout your educational journey, helping you unlock your fullest potential.

I hope to see you around!


Hello, my name is Jayden; I am from Arlington, Nebraska. I am currently an Elementary education major with an ELL endorsement. I understand college is often stressful and overwhelming. Having someone to ask about your questions or coursework that just isn't clicking can help to alleviate that. As a tutor, my goal is to help you become more confident and relaxed about your school workload. I am very excited to learn and grow alongside you!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." ~Benjamin Franklin


Hello! I'm Shirisha, and I'm thrilled to be an accounting tutor. Currently pursuing my Master of Science in Computers and Information Systems with a concentration in databases, I bring a unique blend of technical prowess and financial expertise to the table. With an MBA in Finance under my belt and over five years of professional experience in techno-functional roles, Together, we'll unravel the complexities and make sense of the numbers, whether it's understanding financial statements, deciphering balance sheets, dissecting income statements, or any other aspect of accounting that you find challenging. Let's embark on this learning journey together!