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Project Strong Start: Classroom Strategies

Strategies to facilitate the success of first-generation college students.

Proactive Communication

Proactively reach out to low-performing and low-participating students.


Proactively reach out to low-performing and low-participating students by utilizing the Retention Center.

The Retention Center helps you discover which students in your course are at risk. Based on default rules and rules you create, students' engagement and participation are visually displayed, quickly alerting you to potential risk.

To learn more about Blackboard's Retention Center, view the following video:

Proactively reach out to low-performing and low-participating students through direct contact.

As soon as low-performing and/or low-participating students are identified, proactively reach out through email or phone. Assure them that you are here to help and encourage them to connect with you or their student coaches as soon as possible. 

Below is a sample email:

Subject: STS 110-Skills to Success Check-in

Hi Alex,

I hope this finds you well! This is your instructor from your Skills to Success class at Bellevue University.

I noticed a number of missing assignments and just wanted to reach out to see if I can be of help.

Please let me know how I can best support you. If you’d prefer, I’d be happy to talk to you over the phone or video conference via Zoom.

Hope to hear from you soon!