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Project Strong Start: Classroom Strategies

Strategies to facilitate the success of first-generation college students.

Support Services

Normalize use of support services. 


For a variety of reasons, first-generation college students may not access important support services,

such as Tutoring Services (Wyzant), Accommodations Resource Center, and Writing Support Services.

Instructors can help by emphasizing the value of support services for all students. 

Normalize the use of support services in your communications.

Please see the sample ANNOUNCEMENTS below:

Hi Class,

I strongly encourage all class members to use BU's Writing Support Services on the upcoming paper assignment. Writing Support Services are for all BU students, whether local or at a distance. All writers can benefit from their assistance.

Hi Students,

Just a note regarding the University Support Services discussed this week: 

Something I hear my students say over and over and over is they wish they took more advantage of all the resources and support available to them here at Bellevue University. Even for myself! I remember it was only after I graduated that I realized just how much I underutilized all the support services I had access to as a university student. Don't make the same mistake I (and many of my students) have made.  Wink

Please see the sample EMAIL below: 

SUBJECT: Re: week 4 journal

Hi Taylor, 

Happy to help!

I'd also encourage you to reach out to the Accommodations Resource Center. They are not only the experts, but they love working with students to make sure they have the support they need.

You can find all of their contact information and services here:

Let me know if you have any questions! 

SUBJECT: Re: wyzant

I'm so glad you are enjoying Wyzant and seeing its benefits. My daughter also saw great improvement in her biology class while she was using Wyzant. Keep up the great work!