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Project Strong Start: Classroom Strategies

Strategies to facilitate the success of first-generation college students.

Course Announcements

Use course announcements.


Use course announcements as a means of offering additional (non-required) sources for students’ further concept exploration. 

When teaching time management and goal-setting for example, an instructor could offer this supplementary video:

Use course announcements to orientate and/or remind students of learning management system features and functions.

For example, at the beginning of the term, this instructor included the following discussion board tip in their weekly announcement:

Hi Students!

Your weekly discussion board prompts specify the length requirement (e.g. 50-100 words). You can find the Word Count on the bottom right corner of your post draft window:

Screenshot of where to locate the word count

This instructor made sure they were not just telling students to review instructor feedback. They also ensured they knew how!

Hello Class:

Week 1 assignment grades and instructor feedback are now ready for review.

To learn how to review your grade and feedback, please watch the following video:

Email me with any questions or if you would like to set up some office hours to discuss your assignment feedback.

Thank you!

Use course announcements to integrate positive examples of successful first-generation college students.

Here's an inspirational video of such an example:

Use course announcements to offer class-wide feedback on assignments.

See an example below: 

Hi Students!

Week 2 grades are now posted. Please carefully review the instructor feedback and email me with any questions.


Really great professional emails that addressed the assignment prompt!

TIP: Make it a habit to include the class number and section number in your Subject Line when emailing a professor.

*For Example*

  • This class (Skills to Success) is: STS 110.
  • This class section (the alphabet/numbers immediately following) is: T310. 
  • So for Week 2's Written Communication email:


Many professors teach multiple classes, and often multiple sections of that class. So this will not only help them quickly organize their hundreds of emails they receive, but it'll also help you get the assistance you're requesting as quickly as possible.  

Although it's been a long week, I've learned that the beauty comes in continuing. So keep at it with me! You all are doing GREAT!!!

Email me with any questions or concerns.

Happy Weekend!