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Welcome to the Bellevue University Communication Toolbox. This toolbox is designed to provide you quick reference to a variety of resources as you refine your communication skills and complete your assignments. 

In the Reading tab you will find tools and techniques for active reading and ways to improve comprehension in different types of written communication: formal, informal, and scientific.

The Writing tab contains a wealth of important resources as you compose essays and research papers for your courses.  References for grammar and writing mechanics as well as guidelines for style are included for your use.

The Listening tab contains tools and resources for active and reflective listening to improve comprehension and active engagement while listening.  Also included are templates and tips for note taking while listening to a speaker.

The Speaking tab provides resources on improved effectiveness in various types of oral communication such as conversation, debate, and persuasion.

Finally, the Information Literacy tab has resources for effective research, including identifying, locating, evaluating, and effectively and responsibly using and sharing information.  

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