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Faculty Toolkit

Library Services and Resources for Bellevue University Faculty


What is BUILD IT? 

BUILD IT is an acronym for the Bellevue University Information Literacy Development Interactive Tool. This online tutorial will help your students develop the skills to do effective research in the library and on the web. In other words, it will teach your students how to become information literate, and give them the necessary tools to select, evaluate, organize, and communicate information.

BUILD IT is divided into 5 modules:  

  1. Getting to Know the Bellevue University Library
  2. Planning Your Project
  3. Locating Information
  4. Citing Sources
  5. Putting it all Together

Each of these modules is broken down into three parts: 

  • Concepts to be Learned: The building blocks, or skills, you need to be information literate
  • Lessons on the Concepts: The tools that will help you build your literacy skills
  • An Interactive Quiz: An assessment of the strength of your skills

How can I integrate BUILD IT in my course? 

Contact Assistant Director, Library Systems Joel Hartung to have your name and course added as a choice in the BUILD IT quizzes. We will then forward all BUILD IT quiz results to you as they come in.