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Recurring Reference Questions: Research Oriented and Management Oriented Journals

Each tab contains resources for the question.

24/7 Librarian

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Journal list

The list of management oriented and research oriented journals in the attached PDF is from Appendix C in the Mathis and Jackson textbook.

  • The library does not have access to all the journals listed but does have the majority of them.
  • Choose a journal and check to see if we have it.
    • Click on A-Z Journal List under Find on the library homepage.
    • Paste in the title of the journal.
    • If we have it, the database or databases it is in will be listed along with the dates of availability.
    • Click on a database to hyperlink directly to the journal.
  • Choose an issue of the journal. The contents of that journal will be displayed. Click on the article you want to read.
  • If searching for a particular topic within the journal, use the "Search within this publication " box to add keywords.  It  is helpful to click on advanced search in case you need to combine search terms.