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Citizenship Toolbox: Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

"Lifelong Learning is 'all purposeful learning activity, undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence.' An endeavor of higher education is to prepare students to be this type of learner by developing specific dispositions and skills described in this rubric while in school (From The European Commission. 2000. Commission staff working paper: A memorandum on lifelong learning. Retrieved September 3, 2003," (Association of American Colleges and Universities, n.d.).

Employees with lifelong learning demonstrate that their minds are open and their curiosity is boundless.  These employees think creatively, seek solutions, and are delightful to work with.  Employers desire employees who are flexible and adaptable.  These are keys to success for many top professionals and they provide a competitive advantage.

In this section you will find tools for helping you reflect on past experience to build toward future success, stretching beyond mastery of a skill to develop expertise, and setting goals and taking active steps to achieve them.

Source: Association of American Colleges and Universities. (n.d.) VALUE: Valid assessment of learning in undergraduate education. Retrieved from

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