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Citizenship Toolbox

Welcome to the Bellevue University Citizenship Toolbox. This toolbox is designed to provide you quick reference to a variety of resources as you refine your citizenship skills and complete your assignments.

The Civic Knowledge and Engagement tab provides resources for understanding the political structure and process of a democratic form of government, participating in the democratic process, contributing to the well-being of others, and making connections at the community, local, state, national, and international levels.

Use the Intercultural Competence tab for becoming familiar with diversity appreciation in the workplace, ongoing and emerging global events, issues, and challenges. There are also resources for that discuss empathy and sensitivity to cultural differences, understanding the perspective of people from other countries and cultures.

In the Ethical Reasoning tab you will find tools for helping you examine the social context of problems, considering the implication of actions in the workplace and in your personal life, and understanding different ethical theories and perspectives.

The Lifelong Learning tab provides tools for helping you reflect on past experience to build toward future success, stretching beyond mastery of a skill to develop expertise, and setting goals and taking active steps to achieve them.

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