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Applied Mathematics: Geometry

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Geometry Tutorials

Videos on geometry. After Basic Geometry list, videos assume you know introductory algebra concepts. After these videos, you'll be ready for Trigonometry.

Geometry - Introduction to Euclidean geometry

  • Understanding the purpose, notation, and building blocks of geometry.


  • Identifying, measuring, and calculating angles.


  • Identifying types of triangles, using principles of similarity and congruence, and applying and proving triangle postulates.


  • Identifying types of quadrilaterals, finding measurements, and applying and proving postulates.


  • Finding measurements and applying and proving circle theorems.

Worked examples

  • 80 problems from the released questions from the California Standards Test for Geometry. Basic understanding of Algebra I necessary.


  • Videos on trigonometry. Watch the "Geometry" playlist first if you have trouble understanding the topics covered here.

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