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Hot Topics: Climate Change

Climate change refers to changes in Earth's temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind, clouds, and precipitation patterns over time, and is an important topic today. Some changes may be caused by human activity while others may be due to natural processes


Welcome to the first in a new series of Hot Topics LibGuides - Climate Change. Climate change is frequently in the news and  people are questioning what causes it, what can be done about it, if it is an entirely natural phenomena; how much is it affected by human activity.? This guide provides resources to investigate this topic and help answer these questions and others. Library resources include print and electronic books, journal articles, streaming videos and subscription databases. Each print book title links directly to the record in eCatalog, while each e-book and each article links directly to the full text of the book or article.  Database recommendations link directly to the specific database. Credible websites that cover various  aspects of this topic are also recommended. 

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Climate Change in a Nutshell

Image from Points of View Reference Center (2016): Global Warming: An Overview

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A Timeline of Important Developments in Climate Change. Encyclopedia Britannia, Inc./Patrick O'Neill Riley

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