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Applied Mathematics: Educational Games

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Mobile Math Apps and Games

These apps and games on the Android OS and iOS platfroms can help you build up your math skills while still having fun! Click the link to go to the market or use your mobile device to scan the QR (Quick Response) Code to go directly to the app's marketplace.

Algebra Tutor (Android)

Math (iOS)

Math Drills Lite (iOS)

Math Formulary (Andorid)

Mathmateer (iOS)

Sudoku Free (Android)

Visual Geometry Calculator (Android)

Handheld Math Games

These handheld games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS are a great way to increase your overall mathematical skills and have fun while doing so!

Big Brain Academy (Nintendo DS)

Brain Age (Nintendo DS)

Brain Age 2 (Nintendo DS)

Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle (Nintendo 3DS)

Picross (Nintendo DS)

Puzzler World (Nintendo 3DS)

Browser-Based Math Games

These are games you can play in your browser that will hone your mathematical skills!

Absurb Math

Angles Jeopardy

Geometry Games

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