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U.S. Presidents and Presidential Elections: Presidential Elections

This guide contains information about many of the U.S. presidents throughout history as well as information related to presidential elections in the U.S.

U.S. Presidential Elections

The process of electing the President of the United States begins long before election day. Campaigning begins before the primary elections and caucuses. Nominating conventions follow where the candidate for each party is selected. At this time, the nominee for each party announces a running mate. Then campaigning continues across the country right up until election day. Even though Americans cast their votes at polling places or through the mail, these votes do not directly elect a president. To win, the candidate must receive the majority of Electoral College votes. The number of electoral college members, and thus votes,  each state has is determined by population.

The resources on the right are arranged by type: books, eBooks, articles, streaming videos, and websites. They all relate to this process in some way, some are specific to a particular election.

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Presidential Elections Resources

The following library databases can be accessed from the Databases page.

Films on Demand - Provides streaming films from sources such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences and Cambridge Educational.
Kanopy - Provides streaming videos on a variety of subjects; includes titles from PBS, BBC, Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation and more.

Alexander Street Videos - Multidisciplinary collection contains thousands of videos.


YouTube Videos

Series Presidential Elections in American History includes a video for each election from 1788 - 2020

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