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How to Find Company and Industry Information

This guide will assist you in locating company and industry information using library resources.

What is Nexis Uni and how do I find it?

Nexis Uni, is a student -friendly version of Lexis Nexis,tht replaced LexisNexis Academic Universe. Its streamlined  interface is more intuitive to use. It uses more than 15,000 business, legal, and news sources, and provides business information on more than 80 million U.S. and international companies.

It can be accessed from the Databases page under the Find menu on the library homepage.  You will be prompted for your BU Connect login.

For more information on how to use Nexis Uni, see the Databases Information LibGuide.  

Using Nexis Uni

The Nexis Uni homepage offers several ways to start your search for company information.  One of them is the large search All Nexis Uni box at the top of the page. As it says, you can enter the name of a company and it will bring up documents from all types of sources. These are listed to the left column on the Results page. There may be everything from company financials, to company news, to court cases involving the company. In most cases, you will be most interested in "Company and Financial."  There may be thousands of results for this category or any other category you choose, so there are various options in the left column to narrow this down. Still, this can be a bit of a needle in a haystack approach, especially if you are ;most interested in a company profile.. Open the other tabs on this box for other ways to locate company information in Nexis Uni.

The Guided Search is the next option on the homepage.Select "Company Info" under What are you interested in? The box, Search All Company Information for will appear; type in a company name. The next box, ...and show me, is set by default to "Company Profile"  but can be changed to other options in the dropdown menu. Click on Search to see your results. These can be narrowed down through options in the left column.

A third option on the homepage  for searching for company information is by topic, at the bottom of the page. Click on Business and a business related interface will appear. Thh is is not specific to company information, though it may be used to find company information., by using the Company Search on the right side of the page. You can enter in a company name or ticker and there are a couple of other options besides "Company Information in the drop down menu. This screen basically duplicates the information you can find using the other search options  on the homepage. 

Note, the Company Dossier option does not work at this time, but you can locate company dossiers, which are very complete reports, elsewhere. See the next tab for details.

In the top left corner of any page in Nexis Uni, you will find a small drop-down menu right next to the logo. Click on Company Dossier for a detailed report that pulls information about that company together in one place. It will open to the Snapshot page, which contains some basic information about the company. Options for  specific types of information are to the left.

  • Company Information. Find out about such things as brands, competitors, company hierarchy, and executives.
  • Financial Overview provides annual figures for three years: assets, liabilities, income, cash flow, balance sheet, ration analysis, stock information, and a list of products, if applicable.
  • SEC Filings - several types are available.
  • Company Reports - additional reports from sources such as Standard & Poor's, Worldscope International,, Morningstar, and Reuters, as well as corporate affiliations.
  • Industry Knowledge, including an industry overview, recent industry news, and other industry reports
  • There is also information about a number of other things, including legal news, investments, intellectual property, and more.