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Collaboration Toolbox: Teamwork

Teamwork tool


Teamwork is behavior under the control of individual team members.  It is the effort they put into team tasks, their manner of interacting with others on a team, and the quantity and quality of contributions they make to team discussions (Association of American Colleges and Universities, n.d.).

Whether at work, home, sports, or community endeavors; success is usually the result of effective teamwork.  Employers want people who can work well with others, bring their strengths to the team and appreciate the strengths of others.  This is an essential workplace skill, but often it is undeveloped and results in conflict, misunderstanding and individualism.   Having good teamwork skills will make you indispensable to your employer. 

In this section you will find tools to help you work productively with others. Resources to help you recognize the strengths of others, work collegially with diverse types of people, contribute to conflict resolution within a group, and work together to solve problems and create new ideas and products are included.

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