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Collaboration Toolbox

Welcome to the Bellevue University Collaboration Toolbox. This toolbox is designed to provide you quick reference to a variety of resources as you refine your collaboration skills and complete your assignments.

The Interpersonal Skills tab provides resources that help us understand the habits, biases, attitudes, manners, appearance, and behaviors we use around other people--which affect how we get along with them.

Resources in the Leadership tab include tools for recognizing the role of the individual in contributing to the greater good, using interpersonal skills to work with and guide others toward a goal, make decisions that improve outcomes for the group, and influencing others ethically and with integrity.

The Teamwork tab contains tools to help you work productively with others. Resources to help you recognize the strengths of others, work collegially with diverse types of people, contribute to conflict resolution within a group, and work together to solve problems and create new ideas and products are included.

Use the Intrapersonal tab to find resources on adaptability, self-management/development, initiative, self-confidence, resilience, and perseverance.

Finally, the Professionalism tab provides tools for helping you develop plans for personal and professional growth, adapting to the changing landscape of the workplace, balancing goals and time management, and supporting others toward successful productivity.

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