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Copyright Center

The Copyright Center Can Help!

The Copyright Center Can Help!


     Welcome back to those faculty whom we have helped, and welcome new faculty members whom we hope the Bellevue University Library Copyright Center can help this year!  The 2020/21 academic year is upon us so what a wonderful opportunity to reach out and share some of the services the Copyright Center provides.

     What is the Bellevue University Library Copyright Center? The Copyright Center is a one-stop copyright shop found on the Bellevue University Library webpage under the Services tab. This guide offers numerous copyright and plagiarism websites, helpful tutorials, frequently asked questions, feature articles, interactive tools, and access to various ebooks, images, and films through library databases. Please check out this quick 4-minute tutorial to learn more.

     What can we do for you? The Copyright Center will obtain copyright permission and licensing agreements for you! That is right; we will contact the publisher/rights holder, obtain permission, and even purchase the license with our copyright budget for you. As long as we have ample time before courses start to get the permission, and the cost is reasonable, meaning - within our budget, you will be able to post or share your resources with your students! We even save the agreement in our files and add it to our collection for safe-keeping. Interestingly enough, one of our recent copyright permissions was granted for textbook material for a course all the way from South Africa! Before that, the furthest permission came from the United Kingdom. Hence, another reason for allowing ample time to obtain permissions!

     What else can we do for you? Besides obtaining permissions from rights holders and paying the license fees, we can search freely available resources from our own library databases and provide you with the persistent links. For instance, did you know you have access to thousands of educational films through Films On Demand and Alexander Street Videos, through our database subscriptions? We encourage you to make use of these valuable materials and share them in your courses. Once you discover some of these helpful resources, feel free to visit this guide to ensure efficient linking within your courses.

     How can you contact us? If you have a general copyright-related question or need a little help, feel free to send an email to This is the best and easiest way to contact us. Or, you can always call me, Sierra Whitfield, at 402 - 557 - 7299. If you are already on the Copyright Center site, you can click on “Questions or Comments?” under the Quick Links box on the left-hand side to send us a question. For permission requests, fill out the “Copyright Permission Request” form also located in the Quick Links box. By completing this form, it will ensure we have all of the information necessary to submit a copyright request to the rights holder.

     Thank you for supporting the Bellevue University Library Copyright Center. We look forward to another year of assisting you with copyright permissions or questions and hope you will benefit from all of these resources housed in our one-stop copyright shop!