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BUSC-S2P: White Paper

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White Paper

White Paper

Synopsis: A white paper is a major business research proposal without slimy sales propaganda.


Long-range business document

12-15 pp.

One might complete one or two white papers per month (on average) (That Whitepaper Guy, 2020).

In college, you might draft a white paper that is 3-5 pp. instead of one that is 12-15 pp.

The major research proposal in business


Offers a well-reasoned position on whether to use a product, select a leader, or run with a particular solution.


Depending on the aim, it might interest stakeholders, community members, or otherwise associated individuals of a company or organization.

Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Three forms of the white paper include the following:

* Offers background on a topic.

* Issues a numbered list on a topic.

* Presents a solution to a problem.

What does the white paper not include?

* It is not PR (public relations material).

* It does not promote a product.

* It is not a sales pitch.

It is structured similarly to social sciences research if a study and data were collected.

It is structured similarly to a business report with executive summary, introduction, results, discussion, and recommendations.


Purposefully considers the reader’s needs and how the changes will benefit him/her/them.

Uses inclusive language.

Uses a confident, concise, and courteous tone in its message.


Adam Felson, on behalf of Gordon Graham’s team (That Whitepaper Guy, 2020), wrote this white paper to assist corporations with large remodeling projects.

Google’s white paper, written and prepared by Gordon Graham and his team (That Whitepaper Guy, 2020), summarizes the corporation’s take on real-time bidding.


That Whitepaper Guy. (2020). Samples.

White Paper