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This guide is a resource for both the Bellevue University Library Marketing and Communications Committee (LMCC) and all Library staff. It is intended to help coordinate and facilitate marketing and communication for the Bellevue University Library, including public relations, advertising, promotion, and outreach.

This guide is also intended to provide information and resources to assist with the planning, development, and production of promotional products, events, and activities for the Library. Please note that this guide is under continuous development by the LMCC, which welcomes your comments, suggestions, and feedback.


Freeman/Lozier Library Events

LMCC Charter

LMCC Charter:

Purpose: To effectively coordinate and promote library services, resources, and technology to the Bellevue University community and beyond.

Specific Responsibilities of the LMCC:

  • Reviewing and approving all promotional content to ensure quality standards and consistent branding
  • Creating, executing, and revising the library marketing plan
  • Coordinate marketing and communication for the library

Membership Representation

The core group of the LMCC will be one member from each library department, including:

  • Administration
  • Systems
  • Technical Services
  • Reference
  • Circulation

Committee membership is reviewed annually.

Meeting Policies

The LMCC will meet monthly to discuss upcoming opportunities for marketing. Furthermore, the LMCC will review and revise the Library Marketing Plan on an annual basis, as set out by the Library Communications Policy.

LMCC Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Joel Hartung

Committee Members

Robin Bernstein

Chrystal Dawson

Casey Kralik

Margie McCandless